My name is Maria Piulestan, I have worked in marketing tourist destinations for years. During that time I have travelled the world for work. Since I moved to Munich, I have had two fantastic kinds and have changed my professional path to one where I don't need to travel, but to write and to communicate instead. I also started writing: I became a blogger and created a resources guide for foreign parents living in Munich.

And I have continued to travel too, but for pleasure instead. This is when I realised that my travelling customs had completely changed since I started doing it with my children: Until then I had always liked to find my way around with travel guides, but now these were quite useless: What they suggested was usually not children orientated, or my kids didn't enjoy it very much. What we looked for when we travelled now, was no more spending hours in an art gallery, resting in a spa or visiting ruins; instead we were now keen to find the coolest playgrounds in town, routes in nature where we could go with a pushchair, or only visit museums where we could touch things, learn or experiment.

That's when I decided to join my tourism knowledge, my pleasure for communicating, my thrill for writing, and my joy for travelling with my kids, and wrote this guide. I hope you and your family will fall in love with this city using it.